Welcome to Alferd Gulpo Photography. While you navigate through my site, I would like to tell you something about myself. I am a husband to my beautiful wife Kristine and a father to my two beautiful daughters Kimberly Alice and Katherine Alia. They are my life, my home, my trophies, and most of all, my blessings.

I have also served in the military for 10 years which allowed me to explore and experience different cultures around the world. And while serving, I have earned my bachelors of science in business and graduated from University of La Verne. From then on, I became a veteran and was fortunate to land a job at a big company in aerospace industry building the Boeing 747-800 and 767 aircraft.

So now, let’s talk about photography, how and why I have chosen this profession. Every one of us is a photographer, from our cellphone selfies post to Instagram and Facebook – and so as capturing memories through our point and shoot camera. But here’s the difference, I am passionate about photography (yes I really am) and I take great pride and honor of my work.

I will stop telling you my story for now… On the other hand, I would like to hear yours. Please allow me to be a part of your Wedding, Engagement, Family, or any special life events that you may have. I value the importance and will do my very best to capture those unforgettable moments in your life that years from now will always be remembered. I am looking forward in meeting you, your better half, and your family. I want to thank you for stopping by…

“Photography “IS” and “ALWAYS” will be an endless learning process”